5GNOW @VTC 2013 Spring in Dresden

Home: http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2013spring/
Final program: http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2013spring/final-programme.pdf


Monday, 3rd  to Wednesday, 5th June 2013: 5GNOW BOOTH
Waveform Demonstrator
System-level Demonstrator

Sunday, 2nd June 2013: Workshop Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems for 2020 and Beyond (MWC2020)
organized by METIS project (https://www.metis2020.com/)

http://mwc2020.verkstad.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Programme_MWC_Dresden.pdf(W2, Room Conference Theatre 3)

10:30-12:00 Session 5G systems
Challenging the LTE Design Paradigms of Orthogonality and SynchronicityPaper Präsentation Wireless Challenges for 2020 and Beyond

13:30 – 14:30 Panel Discussion on Wireless Challenges for 2020 and Beyond
(Ericsson, EU commission, 5GNOW, UB)

Tuesday , 4th June 2013: 5GNOW Special Session (6D, Room Konferenz 5): Non-orthogonal Modulation

15:30 – 17:00: Special Session 6D, Room Konferenz 5

1 Analysis of Pilot Decontamination Based on Power Control
Ralf Mueller, NTNU Trondheim; Mikko Vehkapera, KTH; Laura Cottatellucci, Eurecom

2 Low Complexity GFDM Receiver Based on Sparse Frequency Domain Processing
Ivan Simões Gaspar, Nicola Michailow, Ainoa Navarro, Eckhard
Ohlmer, Stefan Krone, Gerhard Fettweis, Technische Universität Dresden

3 On the Use of Filter Bank Based Multicarrier Modulation for Professional Mobile Radio
Markku Renfors, Tampere University of Technology; Carlos Bader,
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya-CTTC;
Leonardo Gomes Baltar, Technische Universität München; Didier LE
RUYET, CNAM Paris; Daniel Roviras, CNAM; Mege, Philippe,
Cassidian; Martin Haardt, TU Ilmenau

4 Peak Behavior and Information Rates for Orthonormal Systems
Holger Boche, Technical University Munich; Brendan Farrell,
California Institute of Technology

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