5GNOW @ Globecom 2013 Workshop on Emerging Technologies for LTE-Advanced and Beyond-4G

5GNOW will present a paper at the International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for LTE-Advanced and Beyond-4G which takes place in conjunction with IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 on Friday, December 13, in Atlanta, GA, USA.

The title of the paper is “Distributed Interference Alignment with Limited Feedback for Cellular Networks”, the abstract is provided below.

In theory, coordinated multipoint transmission (CoMP) promises vast gains in spectral efficiency. However, industrial field trials show rather disappointing throughput gains, whereby the major limiting factor is properly sharing channel state information. This so-called limited feedback problem has been considered in many recent papers in context of CoMP under
the assumption 1) infinite SNR regime 2) no user selection 3) ideal link adaption rendering the analysis overly optimistic. In this paper we make a step forward towards a more realistic
assessment of the limited feedback problem by introducing an improved metric for the performance evaluation which better captures the throughput degradation. We obtain the relevant
scaling laws (lower and upper bounds) and show that they are fundamentally different from existing ones. Moreover we provide an iterative interference alignment algorithm and corresponding feedback strategies achieving the optimal scaling laws. Finally we
underline the findings with simulations for the proposed system