TU Dresden

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Founded in 1828, Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is a full-scale university with 14 faculties, covering a wide range of fields in science and engineering, humanities, social sciences and medicine. TUD has about 36,000 students and 4,400 permanent employees with 419 professors among them. TUD prides itself for its international flavour and has partnerships with more than 70 universities worldwide. Furthermore, TUD is the only university in East Germany which has been granted a graduate school and a cluster of excellence in Germany’s excellence initiative. TUD’s emphasis on applications in both teaching and research has been honoured by leading industrial companies with currently fourteen endowed chairs.

The Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems was founded by an endowment of the former Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany now Vodafone). Since its foundation in 1994,the chair members published more than 500 research papers and filed more than 40 patent applications. The current focus of the chair lies on the physical layer systems research, with a special emphasis on wireless radio network problems (capacity and resource efficiency), wireless modems (mobile terminals and base stations), and IC implementation architectures. Of particular interest are problems and solutions that are found in a trade-off between these focus areas. Currently, more than 30 Ph.D. students work at the Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems. They are involved in teaching as well as project work. One of the main areas of expertise are signal processing concepts for next generation wireless.